Theraflow is a US Based company that seems to cater to both the home masseuse and the professional.  And honestly I found their slogan adorbs!

"TheraFlow is a luxury home massage brand that was born to make feeling tense past tense."

Why we chose them to feature in our Product Reviews:

  - like most of the companies we find interesting, they have a great company back story which you can read on their website

 - the fact that they cater to both the home masseuse and the professional thought they would make a great company to review since we have both professional and non-professional members who may have tried their products.

 - their massage rollers are based on ancient reflexology techniques whoch we also found interesting.

 - the one thing we did find odd is that they almost seem to sell exclusively on Amazon (see more in our Idea Factory on this subject) no direct selling on their webiste, so we thought we'd like to hear back from members on that issue too.

So - Love to hear your feedback if you've tried their line, the pros the cons and helpful advice for other MBT Members if they choose to try them out.  Or we'd also love to hear from members who are interested in trying them out in the future and your why?

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